Ordering code: SDM110

DIM BAR® SDM-110 is versatile, adaptable, yet low cost and easy to use dimming module designed for electrical energy savings in the indoor and outdoor lighting applications, offering low investment demands and quick payback. Thanks to its small size, DIM BAR® is capable to be placed inside basically any luminaire equipped with an LED driver.


Compatible with 0 – 10 V dimming input

Powerline Communication

Programmable dimming sequence

Interior and exterior use

Compatible with most LED drivers


Parameter Value
Input voltage AC 220 V ~ 240 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Consumption 0.25 W
Re-programmable Yes
Communication SSI-50 Powerline
Output 0-10 V
Wire specification Solid, 0.52 mm
Installation Inside or outside of luminaire
with suitable IP protection
Parameter Value
Ambient temperature -40 ~ +75° C
Case temperature +80° C
Degree of protection IP54
Weight 37 g
Country of origin Slovak Republic
Standards EN 61 347-1,EN 61 347-2-11
EN 55 015,EN 61 000-3-2
EN 61 547

 Notes: allows to turn OFF at 0V if LED driver supports this feature

General description

The DIM BAR is an LED driver control device which provides high energy savings at low investment, installation and maintenance efforts. Is designed for standard LED 1-10V dimmable delivering features for dimming, based on user predefined dimming sequence. The DIM BAR is programmable via powerline communication.

Wiring diagram


The DIM BAR is designed for mounting inside luminaires in various lighting applications such as parks, residential areas, streets, roads, highways, parking lots, ports and others. It is compatible with most of standard LED 1-10V dimmable drivers and is also suitable for industrial lighting.


The DIM BAR programming can be done by using the Ecostreet 2 software and the powerline master controller Ecobox 2 which is connected to a PC via USB connection. Ecobox 2 modulates encoded instructions into the supplying mains. The DIM BAR then demodulates the signal, performs the decoded instruction and stores the dimming sequence into its memory. A successful programming will be indicated by fluctuating amplitude between 1V a 10V with a period of 1 second.


The DIM BAR can operate in two basic modes A & B and one additional mode C.

A. the DIM BAR receives instructions via powerlines and adjusts PWM control signal in real time.

B. the DIM BAR dims lighting according to a sequence saved in its memory.

C. the DIM BAR is programmed with a sequence via powerlines as an additional function.

The DIM BAR does not contain a real-time clock, it has an interval counter. In case of stand-alone operation, the dimming sequence is based on a middle point calculation of lighting duration from ON to OFF. The middle point is also adjusted based on time difference of the selected country of use. It is calculated after the first operation, and then checks the consistency of two previous operations for adaptation.
Function A is superior to function B. If the device receives an instruction through the supply line, mode B turns off.

Programming software

The programming software Ecostreet 2 enables creating sequences, which are then installed into DIM BAR devices by using the powerline master Ecobox 2 connected to a PC. It also features an energy savings calculator for predicting savings for a selected period with a display of sunrise and sunset according to an integrated calendar. The sequence can contain up to 10 intensity changes in the range of 0 – 100%.

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