Lighting Modernization Project in Ivano-Frankivsk

Together with SETO, a lighting lighting project was implemented in Ivano-Frankivsk, 48 pieces were installed. LED luminaires with SDM 110 demodulators and with a system of centralized control of street lighting through the control cabinet and control room.

Other projects

Modernization of lighting in the Dnieper, Podolsk and Pechersk districts of Kiev

Together with the Enterprise (UC)"INFORMATIKA" and the Enterprise (UC)"KIEVGORSVET", the project of modernization of the street lighting system was implemented and a dispatched centralized control center was established on ul. Enthusiasts, Blvd. Igor Shamo, st. Ivan Mikolaichuk, Pavel Tichina Ave. in the Dneper region of Kiev; Naberezhnoe highway in the Podolsk and Pechersk district of the city of Kiev

Modernization of street lighting city of Zhytomyr

In conjunction with the Zhytomyr City Council and the municipal enterprise “Electrical External Lighting Networks Gorsvet” of the city of Zhytomyr, a project was implemented to introduce a city lighting control system and install 4000 LED luminaires

Modernization of street lighting in the city of Krivoy Rog

Modernization of street lighting st. Solomenskaya. The project involved the installation of two control cabinets, 186 LED lamps with control and 10 lamps with control with a DHAT lamp with further full integration into the control system of urban street lighting.


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