Ordering code: LMCHWP

Wallpoint electric vehicle charger with 1 sockets, which can work independently or communicate with Seak lighting control system to negotiate the power available for electric vehicle (EV) charging. During the day, street lighting remains in standby mode and we use full line capacity for EV charging. At night part of line capacity is used for lighting and the rest for cars. Further, the power saved by dimming of luminaires is used to increase the charging rate we can deliver to the EVs.


Compatible with SEAK SMART CITY lighting control

Wallpoint electric vehicle charger with 1 socket (Type 2, Mennekes)

Parameter Value
Input voltage AC 3 x 230 V
Line frequency 50 Hz
Maximum output current 3 x 32 A
Total maximum output power 22 kW
Own consumption max. 11 W
Earthing diagram TN-S, TN-C-S
Rated short-time withstand < 10 kA effective value
according to EN 61439-1
Residual Direct Current
Detecting Device
IΔn = 30 mA
Protection class I.
Protection type IP65
Socket variant Type 2 standard socket: 32A
/ 400V AC according
to EN 62196-1 and VDE-AR-E
Communication interface 2-way powerline
Parameter Value
Charging access RFID
Type RFID card MIFARE card / tag according
to ISO 14443(13.56MHz)
Socket lock Yes
Operating ambient temperature -25 °C ~ +50 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C ~ +90 °C
Dimension 500 x 230 x 155 mm
Weight 3 200 g
Material ABS/polycarbonate
Case colour Grey
Safety Integrated safety equipment: built-in current protector function to temporarily disconnect single charger only and provide extra level of protection
Warranty 24 months


You can always contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the operation and implementation of a smart lighting control system.

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