Ordering number: SLC-NOM

The LUMiMASTER SLC-NOM (Smart Light Controler) is a control unit for smart lighting solutions. It enables autonomous, local and remote management of lighting. This unit in connection with the SLM modulation units, LUMiNODE SDM-DIG communication nodes and two-way DALI certified ballasts offers the view of their status.


Control of unit through a simple user interface based on a built-in web server with local and remote access

Local access through ethernet, remote access through ethernet or GSM/GPRS

Connection to the modulation units via RS485 bus

Built-in task scheduler and astronomical clock, archive logs of actions, consumption

4 configurable inputs

2 outputs to control contactors (SSR)

Separate RS485 bus to communicate with powermeters and IO modules

Integrated backup capacitor to shut down the unit after a power failure


Parameter Value
Input voltage DC 12 – 24 V
Input power 5,5 W
Inputs 4x digital DC 5 – 24 V
Outputs 2x Relay
(max. I=5 A, U=50 V, P=60 W)
Communication interfaces 2xRS485, Ethernet 10/100
Base T, GSM
IP Rating IP20
Parameter Value
Operating ambient temperature -35 °C ~ +75 °C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 100 x 110 x 42 mm
Класс IP- защиты IP20
Weight 400 g
Max. wire size 100x110x42mm
Max. wire size 1,5mm2 stranded/solid wire

Wiring diagram

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max. discharge current 10kA


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