Ordering code: LMNDIGM

The LUMiNODE SDM-DIG-M module is designed for two-way communication of luminaires with a two-way DALI bus driver and the control unit over the powerline. The module acts as converter between the QM-50-SSI3 and DALI protocols. It allows you to define lighting schedules along with different intensity levels, lag and fade time to be used when motion is detected.


Two-way powerline communication QM-50-SSI3

Lighting control in real time

Autonomous lighting control

Ability to mass upload a new schedule in groups

Setting the control intensity levels according to DIN input switching

Regulation from 0 to 100%

Both output buses are galvanically isolated from the input

Can control up to 2 DALI drivers


Parameter Value
Input voltage AC 220 V ~ 240 V; 50 Hz
Consumption 0,5 W
Communication interface 2-way powerline QM-50-SSI3
Output 2-way DALI
Communication distance up to 5000 m
Protection class II.
IP rating IP20
Dimensions (L x W x H) 123 x 70 x 16,5 mm
Weight 95 g
Operating ambient temperature -20 °C ~ +75 °C
Max. wire size 0,2-0,75 mm2 solid
Compliance with EN 61 347-1, EN 61 347-2-11,
EN 55 015, EN 61 000-3-2, EN
61 547, EN 61 000-3-3

Setting the control intensity levels according to DIN input switching (motion sensor)

Direct – increase the level to to the selected % of the intensity level

Additional – add the selected % of intensity level to existing level

Hold on time (s) – hold intensity level after DIN impulse ends

Fade step (ms) – lenght of transition between two intensity levels

Wiring diagram

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