The implementation of smart lighting technologies

SE “HIDDEN” LLC “HIDDEN ENERGY” is engaged in the development, implementation and delivery of products for energy-saving technologies in Ukraine and the CIS.

SE “HIDDEN” LLC “HIDDEN ENERGY” is the official distributor of SEAK Energetics (Slovakia) in the territory of Ukraine and the countries of the Customs Union, and presents you the SEAC “Smart Light” lighting control system.

Lighting is an integral part of modern society. Increasing requirements for the quality of lighting and the strengthening of the relevant standards lead to an increase in operating costs for lighting and to an increase in power consumption.

The main reasons for using Seak Energetics control technology is to solve the problem of adapting the existing or projected lighting system to the needs of users and reduce operating costs.

SEAK technologies improve the quality of lighting, usability, reduce power consumption and reduce operating costs.

We give you the opportunity to get significant energy savings, lower maintenance costs, less downtime, which saves significant financial resources. The result: lighting will work with maximum efficiency.

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