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Based on SEAK Energetics technology, SE “HIDDEN” LLC “HIDDEN ENERGY” offers a unique technology for controlling street lighting as well as lighting of commercial and industrial areas.

Benefits of technology SEAK Energetics

The technology uses 230V powerlines to transmit control signals. However, unlike traditional LON-based powerline communication, SEAK technology is based on harmonious half-sine wave voltage reduction at speed of 50Hz to generate coded words. That makes it an outstanding method at signal distribution on long distances and especially in questionable mains environment.

What’s unique about

SEAK Powerline LON-based solutions
Maximum distance over powerline 5km+ no repeaters Require repeaters above 500m
Max. logical group per line 255 per line 127 на сегмент
HF suppressing filters No Required
Procedure to check possibility to deploy Simple Special measurements necessary
Possible distortions of el. sine wave No Likely
2-way communication Yes Yes
Bandwidth 50 bit/s 78 kbit/s
Dimensions Good value Not so good
CE certified Yes Yes

SEAK Product Line – Indoor

In order to implement fully online controlled lighting solution in the commercial and industrial buildings, we need to have signal demodulators (receivers) in the luminaires and signal modulators (transmitters) in electric cabinets.


You can always contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the operation and implementation of a smart lighting control system.
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